From the Editor: Make Plans With a Travel Advisor


It’s now more than two decades since our members-only Travel Office first opened. Back then it was located in Sun Valley, Idaho; today it is in downtown Chicago. Over the years online travel research and reservations have proliferated. Some people even began to question whether travel agents had a future. Fortunately for us, luxury travel is different. Our advisors don’t just make bookings; they give advice based on deep personal experience, as well as that of our editors, and then strive to ensure that our members enjoy seamless and stress-free trips. Trying to organize complex journeys — a multicountry safari, for instance — is virtually impossible without expert assistance.

Of course, our staff are pleased to make a reservation for a weekend getaway or to offer restaurant suggestions, but they are also more than delighted to help with yachts, villas, private jets, indeed every aspect of luxury travel. And in these uncertain times, a travel professional is more important than ever. Which countries are open to Americans? Are negative tests required? If so, what is the best way to obtain one? What additional insurance is advisable? Is there a quarantine period? Travel advisors aren’t doctors and only you can decide whether travel is on your agenda. But when you feel comfortable to head out into the world once again, the staff at Andrew Harper Travel will be ready to provide invaluable service and support.

To talk with your travel advisor, contact the Andrew Harper Travel Office or call (800) 375-4685.

By Andrew Harper The editor-in-chief of Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report has spent his life traveling, visiting more than 100 countries on every continent. If pressed, he cites Italy as his favorite place in the world, but he is also strongly drawn to wilderness areas, especially in the Himalayas and southern Africa. He has lost track of the number of safaris he has taken, but the total is probably close to 50. In addition to wildlife, his passions include fly-fishing and hiking. After working with the founder of the company for five years, he took over as his chosen successor in 2007.
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