The Spirit of Burgundy


Our first evening on the barge, I asked for a digestif of marc de Bourgogne. I was shocked to learn that they had none on the barge because so few people ever requested it. What a shame that this delightful spirit languishes in obscurity. Distilled from the leftovers of winemaking, it has a grappa-like grapiness, but because marc de Bourgogne is also aged in oak barrels (unlike grappa), it takes on a caramel color and appealing notes of wood and vanilla. Inexpensive marc can be a bit rough, but high-quality bottlings are smooth and complex. The Hirondelle staff procured some for me the next day, and for the remainder of the cruise it was my digestif of choice.

After dinner aboard the <em>Hirondelle</em>, I relaxed with a glass of marc.
After dinner aboard the Hirondelle, I relaxed with a glass of marc. - Photo by Hideaway Report editor

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