New Camps From Great Plains Conservation


Great Plains Conservation was founded in 2006 by a group of conservationists and filmmakers, one of whom is its present CEO, Dereck Joubert. (Famous for his work with National Geographic, Joubert has won seven Emmys and, along with his wife, Beverly, created classic wildlife documentaries like “Eye of the Leopard,” “The Last Lions,” “Eternal Enemies” and “Soul of the Elephant.”) Several of the properties Great Plains operates have become established favorites of Harper members, including Zarafa and Duba Plains in Botswana and Mara Plains and Ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya.

Despite the pandemic, two new camps are scheduled to open in 2021. Tembo Plains is located on a private 500-square-mile reserve adjacent to the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. The camp will comprise four lavish guest tents and a two-bedroom family suite with a dedicated guide and private pilot. In Botswana, a new safari property, provisionally called Bayei Camp, is under construction on Peperre Island in the northern part of the Okavango Delta. As well as providing exceptional safaris with a minimal environmental impact, the Great Plains camps are part of a wider project to preserve and extend African wildlife areas, a mission that involves working with local communities to create economic and social incentives for conservation.

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