Additional Fishing Lodges in New Zealand


The lodges and hotels that I describe in this issue are all of potential interest to non-anglers; most simply happen to be places where exceptional trout fishing is one of the principal activities. Of course, those for whom fly-fishing is a passion may wish to stay for a longer period at a lodge primarily intended for anglers. During my recent trip, I asked guides and other knowledgeable people which New Zealand fishing lodges currently enjoy the highest reputations. Two names recurred: Owen River Lodge and Stonefly Lodge. Both are located in the northern part of the South Island, less than a 90-minute drive from Edenhouse.

Stonefly Lodge situated on the banks of the Motueka River
Stonefly Lodge situated on the banks of the Motueka River

Stonefly Lodge is situated on the banks of the famous Motueka River amid 150 acres of private forest and has just four guestrooms. Helicopters take anglers on guided trips to fish for brown trout on wilderness streams in the nearby Kahurangi National Park.

Main lodge building at Owen River Lodge
Fishing along the Owen River

Owen River Lodge lies 48 miles to the south and comprises six detached cottage suites. The Owen River itself is an intimate stream with remarkable water clarity. Here, too, helicopters ferry guests to remote areas, where the trout may not see another fisherman for an entire season. The only downside is that heli-fishing is expensive, usually around $2,000 a day. Most lodges recommend a three-day, four-night minimum stay. For more information and reservations, connect with an Andrew Harper Travel Advisor.

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