The interior of Galería Corsica de Arte, with dog busts by JOVIAN, in San José del Cabo, Mexico
Photo by Hideaway Report editor

Notable Art Galleries in San José del Cabo

September 10, 2017

Much older and much prettier than Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo has a colonial center complete with pedestrian-friendly streets, colorful old buildings and a central square overlooked by a large church. Art galleries cluster in the northeast of the city, mostly along Obregón between Guerrero and Hidalgo. Consult the opening hours of the galleries at, or, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays between November and June, participate in one of the weekly Art Walks, when Obregón closes to cars and galleries offer wine and snacks.

Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery

Paintings by Fulvio Leoncini and Samuel Meléndrez at the Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery Photo by Hideaway Report editor

In an airy white building on the corner of Obregón and Hidalgo, Patricia Mendoza runs my favorite gallery in San José. She has an unerring eye, and the art feels up-to-the-minute contemporary. I was especially taken with the enigmatic works of Samuel Meléndrez, which reminded me of Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings. She plans on opening a branch of the gallery near Flora’s Field Kitchen as early as December.

Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery
Alvaro Obregón e Hidalgo S/N

Galería Corsica de Arte

Artworks at the Galería Corsica de Arte Photo by Hideaway Report editor

In the unlikely event that a rap star ever asks me for an art gallery recommendation in San José, I’d be tempted to send him here. Framed white porcelain dog busts line the main hall, reminiscent of something Jeff Koons might sculpt, accompanied by a basketball hoop with a crystal net and a rhinestone-encrusted ball. But numerous other pieces, such as the beautifully quiet paintings of Cesar Cordova and the hyperrealistic still lifes of Marco Antonio Palomeque, were more subdued.

Galería Corsica de Arte
Alvaro Obregón 10

Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery

The interior of Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery Photo by Hideaway Report editor

After painter, sculptor and animator Ivan Guaderrama became a practicing Christian, his works frequently started to incorporate hearts and angels. Some of the pieces were too earnest for my taste, but Guaderrama’s creativity is indisputable. For example, if you download his app and aim your smartphone at certain paintings, the images start moving on your screen. And in a painting of a girl at a piano, the keys make sounds when touched.

Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery
Alvaro Obregón 10

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