Private Air Travel: The Future of Flying


As travel begins to revive, there will doubtless be unexpected beneficiaries of the changed world that we now inhabit. Given obvious health concerns and the inconvenience of new procedures at airports, private aviation is likely to expand. Indeed, the Andrew Harper Travel Office has already seen a significant uptick in inquiries about the services of our partner Private Fly for leisure trips within the United States. However, I expect another kind of private air travel to flourish in the foreseeable future.

For many years prior to the coronavirus crisis, Andrew Harper members signed up for private jet expeditions organized by a second partner company, Seattle-based TCS World Travel. In particular, they joined Around the World journeys, odysseys of up to 28 days in length. In normal times, such tours enabled travelers to see many of the world’s great sights in considerable comfort, but also much more efficiently than would be possible using commercial aviation on comparable itineraries. Of course, the advantages of such trips are now even more apparent. The most luxurious of the company’s jets, a customized Boeing 757, has just 52 flatbed seats, with passengers traveling within a controlled environment where cleanliness can be guaranteed.

Private planes often fly into smaller airports, and customs and immigration can often be expedited, eliminating a need for queuing. Safety on sightseeing excursions can be ensured, and enhanced heath provisions put in place. Unsurprisingly, TCS has had to cancel or postpone a number of its journeys in 2020. However, numerous trips are available for next year and I am told that planning is well underway. Welcome to the new normal!

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By Andrew Harper The editor-in-chief of Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report has spent his life traveling, visiting more than 100 countries on every continent. If pressed, he cites Italy as his favorite place in the world, but he is also strongly drawn to wilderness areas, especially in the Himalayas and southern Africa. He has lost track of the number of safaris he has taken, but the total is probably close to 50. In addition to wildlife, his passions include fly-fishing and hiking. After working with the founder of the company for five years, he took over as his chosen successor in 2007.
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