6 Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor


Avid travelers know how long it can take to plan a trip. After you’ve determined your destination, there are so many other questions to contend with: Will you need a visa or a COVID-19 test? What cities will you visit? What is the best way to travel between those cities? Which hotels have the well-appointed accommodations and high levels of service you expect? Expand your vacation to include another country, or a few, and the decision-making gets exponentially more complicated and time consuming. In fact, one study found that consumers will visit as many as 38 sites when researching a trip. That’s a lot of Googling.

“Andrew Harper’s personalized travel service is top-notch — and the hotels know it. Members care about their travel, and my experience is that it puts us in a sort of VIP category.”
— Benedict Schlatter Andrew Harper member

Any travel agent can book a resort stay or beach vacation, but an Andrew Harper travel advisor is more specialized. They know their chosen region inside and out. Not only can they book commercial air and private jets, custom tours, villas, spas and cruises, but they also use their extensive local knowledge and insight from the editors of Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report to inform their recommendations. They provide one-on-one travel-planning assistance to Andrew Harper members, who receive customized, transformational experiences that come with exclusive benefits at Harper-recommended properties, such as complimentary upgrades, free nights, early check-in and/or late checkout.

Andrew Harper travel advisors offer a level of expertise and service, combined with a passion for luxury travel, that helps our members attain their personal ideal of privileged travel. Here’s how they do it:

They are travel industry insiders

Each of Andrew Harper’s dedicated travel advisors have, on average, 20 years of experience in the travel industry! They love what they do, and they want you to love where you travel.

They are travelers themselves

Andrew Harper travel advisors have traveled extensively and stayed at the very hotels and resorts they recommend. In fact, Andrew Harper invests in its advisors and sends them around the world so they can visit as many Harper hotels as possible and become experts in various destinations. They are educated on new offerings and also briefed by the Andrew Harper editors after each trip. Our advisors find out first, and you benefit.

They offer honest, informed opinions

A search online, while helpful, can only do so much. When you call Andrew Harper, you won’t reach a call center that offers a list of tired suggestions. You will speak with your personal advisor who has on-the-ground experience. They will tell you if the gorgeous deluxe suite featured on the hotel website really does feature a balcony overlooking the Seine or if that balcony actually overlooks a parking lot. Your Andrew Harper travel advisor is your travel advocate.

They have access to thousands of benefits

Besides booking air and ground transportation, hotels and villa stays, dining and event reservations, tours and cruises, Andrew Harper travel advisors can also secure the benefits that make your dream vacation into the trip of a lifetime. Your travel advisor will have insight into thousands of Harper benefits you might not even realize exist, including room upgrades, free nights, spa and food credits and more. As an Andrew Harper member, you will travel as a “friend of Andrew” — always.

They partner with the best

Andrew Harper travel advisors work with in-country travel partners who provide on-location logistics and assistance as you travel. Our advisors work with some of the world’s leading experiential travel companies for, say, bespoke African safaris, bike and walking tours and private jet journeys. And should anything happen while in the air or on that mountain, you can rest assured that your trusted advisor will make sure you have assistance 24/7 and are protected while you travel.

They believe that no request is too big or too small

Our travel advisors have heard it all, from the somewhat vague “I want to go somewhere warm next week” to the more particular “I need a dog-friendly yacht in the Caribbean for my 50th birthday.” No matter the request, you can be sure that our travel advisors will make it happen.

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By Andrew Harper Editors Andrew Harper editors travel the world anonymously to give you the unvarnished truth about luxury hotels. Hotels have no idea who the editors are, so they are treated exactly as you might be.