Superb Cambodian Shopping | Artisans Angkor


Even on a brief wander around the markets of Siem Reap, you will find no shortage of things to catch your eye. As a first stop, I recommend a visit to Artisans Angkor. This exceptional boutique was the culmination of an effort begun in the late 1990s to help talented young people in rural areas find honest employment. The project has the parallel goal of ensuring the survival of traditional Khmer arts and crafts. Nowadays, Artisans Angkor operates 42 workshops in the province and employs 1,300 people. The shop abounds with beautiful objects, and you may well face the dilemma that we did — what not to buy. The exquisite silk scarves are made from fabric that is produced on Artisans’ own silk farms. I found the carvings, especially those of Apsara dancers, the hardest to resist.

Chantiers-Ecoles, Stung Thmey Street, Siem Reap.

Artisans Angkor shop entrance - Photo by Hideaway Report editor
Selection of handmade scarves, carvings and more at Artisans Angkor - Photo by Hideaway Report editor
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