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In this series, we trek the globe in search of creative cuisine, innovative menus and forward-thinking chefs for this mouth-watering roundup of Harper-favorite restaurants. From locally sourced produce in Napa Valley to modern Italian dishes in Brazil, our selections in global cuisine will ignite your appetite for both food and travel.

The Tasting Room

Le Quartier Français, Franschhoek, South Africa

Idyllically situated amid lush greenery and bountiful flowers, Le Quartier Français is stunning, vibrant and sophisticated—just like the food served at its award-winning restaurant, The Tasting Room. Describing her cuisine as contemporary and exciting, Chef Margot Janse says, “We celebrate South Africa through ingredients, stories and people, and we believe that fine dining does not need to be intimidating.”

The Tasting Room south africa
Chef Margot Janse

Chef's Picks: Chef Margot Janse

On the Menu: “I love our octopus, which we serve thinly sliced with radish and a dried nori sheet made of west coast sea lettuce and sorrel. A warm cucumber and horseradish consommé is poured over it and makes the nori sheet collapse over the whole dish. For me, it resembles life at the bottom of the sea.”

At Home: “It’s never the same thing—it can be roast chicken, or fabulous cheese and crackers. I also love fragrant spicy foods like Indonesian and Thai food.”

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