Traveling Solo


The idea of traveling without a friend or partner may seem daunting at first. There’s often a fear that meeting people will be difficult and meals may be awkward. Perhaps even more important, single supplements sometimes inflate the cost of a trip beyond reason.

Fortunately, many travel companies have started paying attention to these issues, and it’s easier than ever to find a single traveler-friendly journey without a whopping single-traveler surcharge. Andrew Harper’s new travel partner Travcoa goes out of its way to ensure single travelers feel welcome, with a dedicated Single Traveler Desk. Single supplements on some of Travcoa’s Escorted Journeys (limited to 18 people) are under 10%, making them eminently affordable. And because the Escorted Journeys are all-inclusive, solo travelers can dine in the hotel restaurant, eat out on the town with new friends or enjoy a peaceful room-service meal at no extra cost.

Another sure bet for a single traveler is to take a cruise. It’s very easy to meet people on a ship, and you never have to dine alone (unless you want to). Single supplements can be sobering, however, costing as much as 100% of the cruise price. At least one cruise line has brought their single supplements down from the stratosphere. On almost 50 departures between now and December 2012, Silversea charges a modest supplement between 10 and 25%, ensuring its cruisers don’t feel fleeced.

It can be a great joy to travel solo. You meet more people, interact more closely with locals and, best of all, do exactly what you want when you want. Since many companies now charge significantly reduced single supplements, there’s no reason not to see the places you’ve always dreamed of seeing.


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