What to Do in the Faroe Islands


The Faroese are an active, nature-loving people. Their islands are one of the most magnificent destinations in the world for hiking, but they’re also a spectacular choice for lovers of horseback riding, fishing, sailing, sea kayaking, climbing and cliff jumping.

Of the local businesses that offer horseback excursions, the most unique is Fjallaross, which is the only outfitter that uses Faroese ponies. A local breed with a height between 11.1 to 12.1 hands (44 to 48 inches), the Faroe pony is small but exceptionally strong. Today fewer than 100 genetically pure ponies survive.

Fjallaross offers two guided riding experiences with experienced equestrians: an hour-and-a-half small-group ride around Lambafelli mountain on Streymoy island, and a wilder, more off-the-beaten-path three-hour excursion in the same area. Private tours are also available. The ponies, which are ridden bareback, are exceptionally friendly and sturdy animals.

The Faroes also offer some terrific opportunities for sport fishermen. A wide variety of fish can be landed here, including cod, flounder, haddock, halibut, mackerel, monkfish, plaice, squid and turbot. For wooden boat lovers, fishing tours for a maximum of five people are offered in small traditional hand-built crafts that can hug the coast and slip into narrow fjords.

If you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t fish, a good option is a private deep-sea angling trip with MM Tours that also includes sightseeing. The company’s much larger boats are stable and comfortable. And the scenery of the routes they follow is stunningly beautiful.

For other outdoor activities, the best local outfitter is Outdoor Adventures, which lives up to its motto to “Break Your Boundaries” with everything from cliff jumping to cliff- and mountain-climbing expeditions.

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