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Most Memorable Wine Tastings: Editors' Choice 2021

Last year, we discovered several wonderful wineries, along with a unique and stylish wine bar, in off-the-beaten-track locations. Here are the highlights.

Sensational Napa Wineries — and Six Wines to Try Now

Unable to go to the Napa Valley now, I have been tasting wines that remind me of it. Our Wine Concierge points out six wines to try until we can visit again.

Beyond Beer: Prague’s Best Wine and Cocktail Bars

Most people regard the Czech Republic as beer country, but in recent years, numerous wine and craft cocktail bars have also opened. Here are 7 to try.

A Perfect Day In... Dürnstein

Duernstein is used as a base for day trips in the Wachau Valley, but it's really worth exploring on its own. Here is one perfect day in this jewel of a town.

Wine Tastings in the Wachau

Reminiscent of Germany's Moselle Valley, the Wachau has terraced vineyards leading down to a river. We visited two wineries where we had excellent tastings.

Tastes of Menorca: Essential Foods of the Island

Discover the history and traditions of Menorca by sampling some of its essential food products: Mahon cheese, Binifadet wine, olive oils and Xoriguer gin.

Most Memorable Wine Tastings: Editors' Choice 2020

It's always a pleasure to taste wine when we travel. These five regions may be classics, but that doesn't mean that they didn't hold surprises.

3 Wineries in Cowichan Valley

Southern Vancouver Island's Cowichan Valley, dubbed the "Napa of the North," is increasingly renowned for its wineries. Here are three of our favorites.

Winemaker for a Day

Amid glitzy chandeliers and blingy surroundings, our writer finds herself being a Winemaker for a Day at Raymond Vineyards.

Tasting the Terroir at Four Boutique Napa Wineries

Guided by friendly staff, we visited four boutique wineries in Napa, discovering the subtleties of each vintage and unlocking the mysteries of their terroirs.

Touring Alsace Wineries

Alsace is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. We visited seven wineries there, each of which has something unique to offer the oenophile.

10 Favorite Wine Bars in New York City

New York City is teeming with excellent bars a vin. From tiny, dimly lit spaces to chic lounges, these are our 10 favorite wine bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Most Memorable Wine and Spirit Tastings

As well as finding unusual wines in unexpected places on our travels this year, we tasted notable gins in Belgium and a range of remarkable sakes in Japan.

The 5 Best Wine Bars in Tbilisi

Wine-making began 8,000 years ago in Georgia. To this day, the country has a robust wine scene. Here are five wine bars we loved in Tbilisi.

A Taste of Chile at Matetic Vineyards

Matetic Vineyards, one of Chile's top wineries, is located in the Rosario Valley 60 miles west of Santiago and features a tasting room, restaurant and hotel.

The Best Dalmatian Wine Bars

I highly recommend trying some of Croatia's inviting wine bars. I found five immensely enjoyable ones along the Dalmatian Coast.

Most Memorable Wine Tastings of the Year

The wide variety of high-quality wines produced nowadays continues to amaze me. This year I found several in unexpected places.

Favorite Anderson Valley Wineries

The Anderson Valley reminds me of what Napa Valley was like 30 years ago. The wineries are simple, accessible and low-key. Here are seven we recommend visiting.

A Primer on Sherry, Spain's Most Underrated Wine

Sherry, Spain's most underrated wine, ranges from light-colored Finos to dark, rich Palo Cortados. Each offers unique characteristics worth exploring.

Notable Dordogne Wineries

Vintners in the Dordogne have rededicated themselves to quality in recent years, producing world-class wines worthy of far more attention than they receive.

New Napa Wineries Open for Private Tastings

Andrew Harper's wine concierge, Hal Oates, shares three new winery experiences offering private access for collectors.

Welcoming Wineries: 12 Best Wine-Tasting Tours

The pleasure of a journey to any wine region is the opportunity to visit the vineyards of the wines you love. Here are 12 where you'll receive a warm welcome.

Salta Tasting Rooms: Piattelli and El Porvenir

The high-altitude wine country around Cafayate ranks among the world’s most beautiful, with vineyards framed by rugged mountains and reliably blue skies.

California Wine: Hal Oates’ Top Picks

Hal and the Porthos team sample more than 5,000 wines annually. The following are Hal’s favorite California wine picks from his tastings in 2015.

The Joys of Wine Tasting in Saint-Emilion

Here, on Bordeaux’s Right Bank in Saint-Emilion, welcoming wineries produce exquisite reds that stand toe-to-toe with the best wines in the world.

Top Five Napa Cabernets to Collect

Enjoy this list of current favorite boutique-production Napa Cabernets costing less than $200 from the Andrew Harper Wine Concierge, Porthos.

Single-Vineyard Wines of Mendoza

Mendoza's fine Argentine wines routinely outshine their price tags, a trend especially evident in the increasing crop of single-vineyard wines.

The Experimental Winery of Catena Zapata

The Catena Zapata winery is one of Mendoza’s most popular stops. What really made this visit worthwhile was our private tour of the experimental winery.

Mendoza's Best Wine Resorts

In Argentina's Mendoza region, modern wineries and resorts stand amid vineyards backdropped by snowcapped mountains.

Top Mendoza Wineries

Mr. Harper recommends making advance appointments for tours and tastings at these four top wineries in Mendoza.

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