Editors’ Choice Awards

In 2018, Hideaway Report editors flew more than 190,000 miles, visited
27 countries and stayed in 112 hotels, of which 58 were recommended. The highlights of the year are reflected in the Editors’ Choice Awards.

Favorite Hotels of 2018

Hideaway Report editors discovered an unusual number of exotic far-flung retreats
and several exquisite city hotels.

Hideaway Report Editors

  • Our editors are a carefully selected team of expert, cultured world travelers.
  • Editors fund their own trips in full. We do not accept advertisers or free stays.
  • Editors travel incognito and review properties anonymously, as a regular guest.
Hotel Standouts

Last year, our editors stayed in an astonishing number of hotels and resorts. Here are five contrasting standouts from 12 months of relentless globe-trotting.

Hotel Restaurants of the Year

Once, hotels regarded their restaurants as an afterthought. No longer. Here are our Editors’ Choice winners for Hotel Restaurants of the Year.

Best Bars

Wine bars and cocktail bars can be wonderful places to absorb the local atmosphere. In 2018, our editors found several memorable bars. Here are the best.

Best Travel Experiences

Our editors had an unforgettable year in travel. Here are the life-changing hikes, wildlife experiences, road trips and itineraries of the year.

Hospitality Awards

At hotels and restaurants aiming to provide the highest level of hospitality, it is people who make the difference. Here are our Editors' Choice Award winners.

Disappointments of the Year

Hideaway Report editors often find themselves at the point where the hotel website collides with reality. Here are our biggest disappointments of the year.

Most Memorable Wine Tastings

As well as finding unusual wines in unexpected places on our travels this year, we tasted notable gins in Belgium and a range of remarkable sakes in Japan.

Unforgettable Memories

Travel trips provide a trove of memories that can last for a lifetime. Here are a few of the indelible experiences that enriched our lives in 2018.

Photos of the Year

Our editors traveled to 27 countries in 2018, and our photo editor got to view more than 7,000 images they captured. Here are the best of the year.

9 Previous Hideaways of the Year

In anticipation of the release of the 2019 Editors' Choice Awards, here is a look back at previous Hideaway of the Year winners.